April Component Of The Month

Today is the day for the AJE Component Of The Month reveal! I can't tell you how much I adore these stunning pieces by our multitalented Jenny Davies-Reazor (pic stolen from AJE blog)....

Jenny's Stunning Amulets 

Now I am normally one for leaving things to the last minute but I literally JUST finished playing with this piece this morning, yep a few moments ago and I am still not quiet done with it!
This is the amazing amulet that Jenny sent to me....

Swirls and Script I'm in Heaven

This is where my problem began you see this amulet is everything I look for in art jewellery elements, all in one piece, it's my favourite colour, it's covered in scrip writing (which I LOVE), it has a beautiful textured a wonderful ancient feel to it. So it goes with pretty much all of the beads in my stash so no real jumping off point, see what I mean....

So Many to Choose From

So first off I started making piles, and then adding and adding to it. I was thinking maybe a necklace full of art bead treasures but there was just too much and it did not show the amulet off enough, so I moved on to another idea, start with the lid!

Lampwork and Coin Lid

So of course I started with a coin then took the longest time ever to decide on what bead to fix to the top of it! This beautiful bead is by the amazing Laura Sparling and has been riveted in place. The lid then fits snugly into the top of the amulet....

Almost done

Once the top was made I used balled headpins to make the loops through the amulet and decided I had to use the wonderful oak leaf clasp by Joanne Tinley (because there is an oak leaf on the bottom of the amulet). 

My Precious!

So that takes me to this point, I have added a pre-made sterling chain, which I am not happy with so that will be changed out for a mixed copper and silver hammered chain the same size as the loops and I'm thinking it needs SOMETHING on the left to balance it, I'm just not sure what! Maybe a gem or something!?

Thank you Jenny for such a wonderful challenge!!

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AJE Team: 

 Have a wonderful day x

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