January, The year of jewellery project

Here are my pieces for The Year of Jewellery Project on facebook....

'Midnight Walk on the Beach' This one is made from a flat pebble I found on our holiday to Cornwall, set in silver with a lovely moon stone set onto the front of the stone. It was some what of a practice piece!

This one was made specially for me, I utterly love the moon baby focal by Staci and used it in this piece to which represents my three children, the Moonbaby is my oldest who when she was little told me every night "I love you to the moon and back, around the world a million times, to the depths and breth of the widest ocean and more and more and more...." The coin which I set in a two tier prong setting is a very old spanish coin showing a lion is for my little boy Leo and last but not least the shiny little drop is for my little girl who is a collector of shiny little things!

This stone henge book pendent was made for the AJE challenge and was so fun to make that I think I may have to make a few more, maybe the seven wonders?

This one I made for a tutorial on AJE so if you want to find out how to make it click here. It's a beautiful amethyst set into an Irish 3d coin tresure locket.

These last earrings were also made for an AJE tutorial on using dimple making pliers (tutorial can be found here)! So far I am amazed that I have managed to keep up making a piece a week!

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