September Theme Challenge Reveal - Trees

Septembers AJE theme picked by the wonderfully talented Caroline was trees and what a wonderful theme! 
Heart Shaped Tree in London

I found Caroline's post very inspiring and had so many idea's but as always time runs away and I only managed to create a few of the things I wanted to....

Tree of Life Pendant

I'm still trying to master basic skills on wire wrapping and so I headed straight to YouTube to find a suitable tree of life tutorial and I found this one by the Amazing Oxana Crafts (she also has several other tree of life tutorials including a ring and a bangle and many others that I would love the time to create)!
After making this one I was feeling a little braver and so I started looking around for something a little more complicated and I came upon a tutorial on Etsy for a framed tree of life pendent by Julie Hulick of Copar Aingeal (click link to see the tutorial) I loved the frame and the swirls that finish it off, but unfortunately this is still a work in progress....

The Beautiful Stone was a Gift From Diana

I did however also have time to finish off a beautiful paper cut design by the brilliant Paper Panda that I totally LOVE and was fortunate enough to find the perfect frame (in a charity shop of all places)....

Design by Paper Panda

This one I shrunk down to just 3 inches and so it looks super cute! I still have lots of idea's and a few more in progress pieces for this theme and I have throughly enjoyed this month so a massive thank you to Caroline for the inspiration! 

I do hope you will join me and see what everyone else has created....

AJE Team


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