December Theme Challenge Reveal – Dragons

Today is the day for the Art Elements Dragon reveal! I have throughly loved this challenge and had so very many ideas but as is always the way there is more inspiration then time and I only managed to create one of my designs, so I think this may well be a theme throughout the year!

For christmas I was very lucky to receive the most amazing hand crafted book (from an incredible Secret Santa) that has reignited my love of book binding!
So after quiet a few hours here is what I came up with....

Made with a butter soft leather this book is designed to keep all the funny things and cute photos of my little dragon (born 2012 Chinese year of the dragon). 

Hopefully the Chinese symbol for Dragon!

The pages have all been stained with coffee, brown paint, splattered with gold ink and the edges have all been burnt and it smells amazing, mmmm coffee! 

It has a mixture of different types of papers all hand stitched together....

Including this cool map wrapping paper that I just love!

The designs on the front and back covers have been burnt on with a pyrography set I was given for christmas.

The shield behind the dragon is stamped with this quote 
"I desired dragons with a profound desire, of course, I in my timid body did not wish to have them in the neighbourhood, but the world that contained even the imagination of Fafnir was richer and more beautiful, at whatever the cost of peril."
J. R. R. Tolkien

and it has an egg shaped turquoise set on the front.
Now all I have to do is fill it and create a little box for it!

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge as much as I have and I really can't wait to see what everyone else has created....


AJE Team

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