Christmas Ornament Design Challenge

Today is the day of the Art Elements Ornament design challenge reveal!
I love making decorations and this first one was made by my 9 year old Lana every year at their christmas school fair one of the class rooms is turned into a ceramic studio and the kids get to paint their own decorations....

I love the winking eye! This year I had a go with one of the ceramic balls but our time was cut short by a rather impatient other half, I could easily have spent a few hours scratching out swirling designs!

This next one was made by my 5 year old, he loves to collect pine cones and leaves for me so I asked him to paint it for me and he found this cute little star in his toy box to stick on the top!

These next two are designs by Gingermelon on ETSY (I love her cute designs and attention to detail) I started making these at work with some of my residents (scaled up so they would be able to sew them easier) but only managed to get two completed in time....

There are several more of her designs that I have brought but as usual time always seems to slip away too fast!

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created, and I wish you all a very merry christmas xxx
Guest Designers
Art Elements Team

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