Art Elements Theme Challenge - November - Fossi

Thank you all so much for joining in with the November theme challenge, I am so excited to see what everyone has made.

November started off so promising, I had so many ideas. I gathered all of my fossils and stuck them all onto my wooden board....

(Please excuse the awful photos, day light is a distant memory!) I had plans for necklaces, hair pins, scarf pins, crinoid/glass earrings, etc. 
I set about making my fossil moulds....

I then made lots of little silver clay fossils, I spent hours sanding the backs flat, the sides neat and I then fired them in the kiln and....

Melted them into blobs (I should have just used the torch but I thought the kiln would be easier)! At this point I gave up for the day and the next day my boiler leaked through my floor and flooded my neighbour downstairs so I had to have the boiler and water switched off for almost a week, 7 days of no running water and no heating and a hotel stay killed all my mojo so I only managed to make one of the pieces I had planed on (you can't win them all)!

Opals are a complete pain to photo so I also made a little clip so you could see the colours.

Please do take a moment to see what the other participants have created -

I hope you all have a wonderful day x


  1. UGH sorry for all your trouble! Great collection of fossils, though, and sorry about the melting incident. I love your earrings with the trilobite! Hope you're having better days!

  2. The opal earrings are a real treasure. They look really beautiful. So sorry to hear about your troubles though.

  3. I'm so sorry about all the problems you had to deal with, but the earrings are just wow. Gorgeous to say the least.

  4. So sorry for all the crap life threw at you but you really came through with some beautiful earrings! You deserve a metal for having excellent coping skills!

  5. I meant medal! 😀

  6. Life is so like that. But in the end, you triumphed. Of course. Love the opal earrings.

  7. I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for managing to create such a beautiful pair of earrings despite all of the difficulties and setbacks you experienced this month.

    I'm sorry for all that went wrong and hope that all is well now.

  8. That sounds like a lot to deal with in one month. The opal earrings are gorgeous though. Love the video to show their flash and fire.

  9. Oh my...I am so sorry for what you had to deal with. That does sort of kill the mojo!
    I love those earrings you created and the opals are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the clip so we could see the colors!

  10. Wait a minute. You had a house catastrophe and were in a hotel - with kids - and a full time demanding job - and you STILL managed to make these beauties! I tip my hat to you !!!They are stunning. I love the gentle asymmetry. This was a great theme, thanks Niky!

  11. I hate that you had such a time of it, but the earrings you did get made are really wonderful! I do hope you've recovered your mojo!


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