Happy New Year/YOJ

My first post of 2014!
I really hope you all had a great Christmas and a fab new year, I had a quiet one with the other half and the kids (well as quiet as you can have with four children at Christmas!)
New year was particularly fun as we let Mess Maker stay up and she and I danced to the music while watching the fireworks over Big Ben on the TV (five year olds are soooo much more fun to dance with then teenagers!) 
I decided this year to actually make some new years resolutions/goals for 2014, I just have not finalised them yet (I promise I will share once I have), but one of them was to join The Year Of Jewelry Project I really enjoyed all the challenges I joined during 2013 and found a lot of the time it was just the thing I needed to stay motivated and to try new things.

So here is Week One - Something new for me....

New to me because I don't use cords, I'm a wire girl through and through, but I did buy quiet a few of these so you will be seeing more!
The beautiful lampwork beads are by Kerribeads and the fantastic feathers are by EB Bead and Metal Works!

I hope this year is your best yet! X

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