Beads By Laura

Hello lovely peoples out there! I hope you are all having as good a day as I am.....Was surprised to see the postman at 7.50 this morning (normally he comes at noon) knocking on the door to deliver me some much longed for supplies, and in amongst said supplies were....

My fantastically, wondrous brand new beads! I LOVE THEM!!!!

These little beauties are from Beads By Laura, a site that all beadies out there reading this will soon become addicted to! 

You really must check out Laura's blog. Its great reading and at the moment she has a fantastic giveaway! Only thing with Laura's beads is as I have said they are addictive and very hard to get hold of! The quality of these beads  are amazing as are the designs.

Other news from me, working on my first ever handmade bracelet (also using Laura's beads!) So watch this space.

Off now to remind the poorly two year old (she has got a horrible cough/cold and is losing her voice) thats she is suppose to be ill as she is running round, snot streaming, croaking mummy I'm soooooooo happy????!!!!!

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  1. Aw! I'm blushing here! So pleased you like the beads, Niky. Really looking forward to seeing the bracelet!

    Laura x


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