PDC 1 complete!

I have been very very busy today, its been great! The lovely postman brought me more supplies today (tho not so early this time). I received my byzantine chain maille bracelet kit ......
The kit contained:
sterling silver jump rings 
sterling silver toggle clasp
4 jump rings to attach the clasp
pick (a pin)
twisty tie
and instruction book
I found the instructions easy to read and the bracelet was made in a couple of hours & the jump rings were well cut so had a great flush finish when closed. The only thing I did not like was the clasp. It was very cheap looking and not very well finished, but I added my own instead! I will post pics tomorrow after it has done a turn in the tumbler!

I have also nearly finished my glass bead bracelet it just needs a few finishing touches!

Ohhhh and I have completed my first personal design challenge! I decided to take another approach and was thinking hmmm.... Great saves???? What do you think of when you think great saves???? What with all the World Cup stuff going on I thought football! So made this for my nephew....

Im far from happy with it but he loved it!
I don't usually use oven-bake clay but wanted it in colour and am not brave enough to try enameling or resin yet! It made from Sculpey clay as that was all I could get my hands on, which I really did not like. Its very hard to condition and then gets very sticky and dyes your hands but its all about learning and trying new things. 

Next PDC for week two is Earrings!!!! 

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