Day dreamer!

O.K I'm a bit of a day dreamer and when a mistake can be made then I'm normally the one to make it! So when my 1000 silver rings came through the post friday I was not that surprised to find out that I had ordered the wrong size! 
I thought I ordered the right size, I kept the bag I got from the chainmalle bracelet because it had the size of the rings and what gauge wire they were, so all I had to do was order the same again but in larger quantity.... What I had not though of was that there were two small bags of rings in my bracelet set one with lots of big rings for the bracelet and one with the small rings to attach the bracelet to the clasp!!!!
Well the rings were too small for the pattern I wanted to make but this was not the end of the world as I was sure I would find use for them and I did.....

And this was only the beginning!!! I made these earrings then a bracelet and then a necklace all in the 2 in 2 pattern. The bracelet had a cute dolphin clasp but is not finished yet the necklace (with added pmc/purple cz charm I made a while back) however is but as the sun was not willing to shine for me today, the photos are pending!
And here is sneaky peek of mess makers 'handmade' fathers day card for her daddy.....

She was fantastically well behaved for a 2 year old covered in black paint and managed not to spill a drop. We made these hand prints with my sister and her baby, then when my sister was not looking I scanned the hand prints into the computer so that for her birthday I can (try to) make a handprint charm for her. 
Any who, wishing all fathers, mine and of course mess makers a very happy and relaxed fathers day tomorrow. Enjoy!


  1. You had the right "stuff" after all then :-)
    Hope you all had a beautifully warm and sunny Father's Day
    x x x

  2. thanks it was great!


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