my first.....bear

Had a great day today! Weather was beautiful so mess maker and I decided to celebrate by having a party!!!
We turned the music up loud and danced around the living room then mess maker decided she wanted to go swimming "go simming, go simming!" so we put her paddling pool out side but alas was too hot to stay out for long, even in the shade!

We enjoyed our first carrot today, but it did not survive long enough for a photo! The only bad point about this is that mess maker now wants to pull every thing up out of the ground!!!
We had a huge brake through on the battle field that is called dinner time today..... Mess maker WILL NOT and has NEVER has in her two years of life....ever eaten meat!!!
Not even a chicken nugget or a Mc Donald's cheese burger happy meal!
Even when first starting on food and trying those mushy jars of food she would never eat any thing that had meat in it but.... today for the first time she ate.... fish (ok it's not really meat but its as close as she has got so far). She had a plate of scampi and ate 4 huge bits! 
Ok so I did tell her it was cake but even still she is now eating new things!!!
Oh and I started on Flower today.....

And have almost finished her! I just need to finnish off her nose and buy her a ribbon and she is done! 

This is her cut out and pinned together......

This is her stitched up and.......
For more pics of her you will have to wait till tomorrow! hehe 
Have a great day!!!

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  1. Anonymous20/7/11

    This is the cutest little kit ever!


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