soooo busy

We have all been so busy for the last couple of days! I've just got a quick moment before the kids come back from school, so thought that I would blog about whats been going on....
We had the housing association lady come and see us yesterday, all went well and she said she could not see any reason why we would not be offered the flat.....but we are awaiting confirmation from her boss. 
If we dont get a call today then we will have to wait two weeks to find out as her boss is going on holiday, so fingers crossed that we get a call today!!!
We have been out pricing up all the things we need to get (OMGosh), so my spending on jewelry supplies has to be limited for a while (luckily just shifted a few pieces and have two orders which I already have supplies for so will use that money for bits, bobs and must haves).
Sooooo excited but trying to remember that there is still a chance we might not get it...must stay calm!!!!

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