Hot and bothered!

Such a busy day and so very hot!
Mum had a great birthday and is looking forward to her party tomorrow, Oh and loved her jewelry and the clasps!
The girl and boy had sports day (I was sweating just watching from the shade!)
We had family visits and I have been trying to use up the last of my jump rings (seems 1000 is a lot to go through, but I am nearly there) nearly made 2 new bracelets and another pair of earrings! Will post pics tomorrow if I get a chance, but between school fairs, food shopping and the birthday party it's looking like tomorrow is going to be just as busy!
Any-who, no rest for the wicked and I have a cake to finish off before tomorrow so I better dash but a quick pic before I go......

I managed to grow carrots! A whole bunch! They did not make it into any fancy cooked meal nope, just fresh from the ground washed in the sink and munched for lunch! Seems my fingers might have a slight green tinge to them after all!



  1. Brilliant! I love carrots, particularly home grown ones. Own grown veg is one of the best of life's pleasures. You must grow your own new potatoes next - they taste like nothing, you will ever find in the shops. We are renting at the moment so I haven't established a veg garden here but I have ambitions for our next home!

  2. They look good enough to eat from here.
    x x x


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