Mums birthday

Well we went to see the new flat today. It's still a building site but the one we are "being concered for" was pretty much done, it just needs the carpet laid. There were alot of people looking around and there were alot of "IF you get it..... " so still nothing definate, but they were very nice, very very nice! So fingers crossed.
Tomorow is my mums birthday! 
She decided she wanted jewellery for her present (shes now a jewellery addict and my biggest fan), But she wanted to design it herself! It is a very simple set with a link in link chain and a few blue crystals to add a touch of colour, as a cute detail (she dose not know it yet) but I've added animal clasps to match her treasure island birthday cake!!!

Very simple necklace

Matching earrings and elephant clasp on necklace 
(more elephants hehe)!!!

Matching braclet with dolphin clasp

I finished baking her cake today but am going to do the decorating later on tonight when mess maker goes to sleep (she had a nap eariler so it's going to be a late one)!


  1. What unusual clasps and blue and silver look so great together, happy birthday to your mum for tomorrow. :-)

  2. Thanks Sue she had a great day and loved the necklace x


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