I finished one of the cakes today, and as I managed to delegate one of the others (due to two being due on the same day) I have now only have one left to make.
I'm going to warn you first though this one is a little X-rated! It is a surprise for my sisters fiancee....

Its boobs!
Not my choice of cake but I'm assured he will love it. I did enjoy making the handcuffs because I coated them in edible glitter so they sparkle!

The next cake will be more tasteful I promise (I am choosing the design)! It's for my mum and is inspired by the facebook game treasure island that she loves sooo much! 

Hear is a little teaser.......

We received a phone call today, saying that we can go and see the flat that the council are considering us for. So we go and see it tomorrow, still not getting hopes up though because they still have not said it is ours, and we still wont find out until middle of next week!


  1. "It's boobs!"

    You don't say?! ;o)

    Ha! Saucy! You've done a great job.

    Laura x

  2. Elephants seem to be everywhere I look! I don't really care what cakes look like, I'm more interested in eating them! :-)

  3. Elephants aren't up tree's though eh ?
    Good luck with the flat X X X

  4. Thanks every one xxx


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