Time for a midsummer dream party

I'm posting early because I have been informed we are going away for the weekend!

"Share pictures and tell the tale of your adventure. How did the dream begin? What has kept you from making the project a reality until now?"

There are sooooo many things I would love to/dream of making, lots of pieces of jewellery that I just dont have the nesasary skills as yet to make or am just lacking in confidence to start, But what I really wanted to do was not to make a piece of jewellery (I'm building up quiet a collection) What I really wanted to do was to build my own web site. I tried a gave up a few times but after joining A midsummer night's secret dream party has provided the kick up the bum that I needed to keep me trying and now I'm almost there!

I started making jewellery after reading an article on metal clay, it seemed very easy to use and I really needed a hobby as I had just given up working full time to spend more time with my baby and the amount of spare time I suddenly had on my hands was shocking.

I have now been making and selling jewellery for about a year (mostly to friends and family) and have had so much fun doing it.

What put me off having a web site was my lack of knowage about how to go about it and then when I looked into it a bit more the costs seemed very steep, but luckily, when I was in a chat forum for Making Jewellery a lovely lady posted a link to a web site that was easy to use and best of all free, Suddenly it was a possibility, but I'm really not good with computers so started and gave up when it got difficult. I've gone back and tried again though....

Now it's not great and very much a work in progress, it only has two pairs of earrings in it even but it's a start.

Now I have my own web site......



Handcrafted sterling silver one of a kind jewellery.

Made by Niky.

For past work check out my Gallery.

Site is still a work in progress!

This has been one of the first steps, next I really want my own hallmark and then I would love to have a stall at a craft fair!!!!! 
Many thanks to Kelly at A Stuffed Life for the kick in the pants and I look forward to reading and seeing all the other creations, I might even be reading while wearing fancy dress xxx 

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