White carrots and orange beads!!!!

What a suprise I got when I pulled up my carrots today.... I completly forgot that I planted white carrots and could not figure out what was wrong with them till I found the seed packet!!!! hehe

They taste just like normal carrots just a little sweeter, but look bizar expecially this one....

I forgot to post about them yesterday as I was sooooo excited but I got these little beauties in the post.....

I don't normally like orange but these look soooooo fresh, and yes you guessed it! There by the fantastic Laura . I love them and I quiet like the pic! 


  1. I must try white carrots! You must've snapped those orange beads up fast; Laura's beads never hang around for long. I look forward to seeing what you do with them. :-)

  2. White carrots very nice just ate them with minted lamb mmmmm The beads are joining my stock pile untill inspration strikes. May take a while lol


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