Another birthday cake....

Tomorow is my nicece first birthday and I got told I was to make her cake so after 3 hours in the kitchen making a through mess heres the end results.....

Another waybuloo cake!

My kitchen looked like it had been attacked by fairys as the is glitter every where, and mess maker kept handing me her plate, asking for a slice.
Cant belive we are into November and I still have not started my christmas shopping yet....I know........ I am one of those annoying people that like to have all the gifts brought, wrapped and ready to go under the tree as soon as it goes up, But in my defence December is the buisiest month for me, we dont just have the normall stuff like christmas, boxing day and new year but also its my eldest daughters birthday, then my uncals, then my arnties, then my other halfs, then mine followed by another two anties (as you can tell I come from a large family), and I hate shopping in crowed places, getting pushed this way, with everyone in a hurry so I think I am going to get as many gifts online and delivered to my door as I can.
On the Christmas note if your feeling the happy winter vibes why not head on over to Novelista Barista's blog and join in with the secret santa but you had better be quick sign up ends on 15th Nov.


  1. lovely cake, what colour are your fingers :-) x x x

  2. A wonderful shade of dark pink! funny how the food coloring lasts longer then the cake!


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