I'm sooooo excited....

The house was all quiet last night, the other half was working very late and all the children were in bed and asleep before 9pm, It is very rare that this happens so I thought I would make the most of it!
I've been wanting to try making a bezel for ages and had a special project in mind, so I thought I would give it a go and here's the results.....

I love it! 
It took three attempts to solder it properly, all the while holding my breath, I nearly took my toe off while trying to figure out how to use the saw (You would not believe I used to write risk assessments as a job if you could see me holding it still on the coffee table with my bare foot) and I had to improvise when setting it as I don't actually have a bezel roller (I may possibly have used a fimo bead instead, but hey it worked OK)!

It will end up as part of a hopefully lovely necklace for my mums 50th birthday.

The beautiful Cab was made for me by the wonderful Becky at Chameleon Designs.
Fingers crossed the rest of the necklace comes out as well! 

Enjoy your Sunday



  1. Well done, it looks beautiful!

  2. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. That is wonderful, and I'm glad your bare toes survived! :) Too funny!


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