Q. When do jewellery makers become bead collectors?

A. When they stop buying bead storage and start to buy bead displays!!!

In my defense this.....

Was given to me (by a very lovely person) and I knew it would go soooo nicely with my print tray display erm storage system!
Just needed a little lick of paint, the same color as the wall so as not to draw attention to itself (my other half is not as keen on beads as I am so subtle is definatly the way to go, who knows he may not even notice it)! and....

Yep, that looks lovely, and look they go very nicely together....

The only problem now is those gaps, oh no, i'm going to have to fill them with some thing, oh maybe some of these pretty, treasures....

Have a fantastic weekend


  1. LOL ... looks like you're opening up your own shop there! It is such an addition buying beads - I'm not so sure I can ever stop!

  2. I am drooling right now!

  3. I'm not sure who would love these more... me or my CATS!


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