Febuary Year of jewelry project

Here is what I made for The Year of Jewelry Project in February....

Week six - Birthstone of the Month: Amethyst

coin jewellery
This was a commission piece with two birth years and a birthstone requested the front is an english penny 1998 and the back is a 1943 farthing....

coin locket

Week seven - For My Love

Another commission piece, this one was for a special 30th birthday gift sterling heart with names stamped inside.

Week eight - Ram, Lamb, Ewe

artisan jewellery
Erm yeah so nothing to do with Ram, lamb or ewe, I got a tad stuck on the one!

Week nine - Masquerade

sterling silver ring

This was the piece I used for Sally's make a statement blog hop, Oh how I love these head pins!

February slipped away in a mad rush (mostly due to half term I think) and I did not even get round to posting my February giveaway, but worry not lovely people I shall be posting a March one soon, also I am hoping that now things have calmed down I will find some time to finish off some of my unfinished projects and get around to blogging a bit more and guess what? 

The amazingly wonderful Jen Cameron asked if I would like to join the Art Jewelry Elements team so you will see me over there every other Monday, how cool is that, I love the blog and the women are crazy talented!!!! I hope you all have an amazing day xxx

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