June Year of jewelry project

Some how I have managed to keep up with the yaer of jewellery project (well just about)....

Week 23 (Jun 6) - Birthstone of the Month: Pearl (erm no, it's not pearl but it's cute)!

Treasure Locket

Week 24 (Jun 13) - Something Old + Something New (YES, old made new)!

Very Special Treasure Locket 

Week 25 (Jun 20) - My Dad's Favourite Colour (no a miss on this one my dad dose not have a favourite colour)!

My AJE Fire Fly Piece

Week 26 (Jun 27) - One of My Country's Symbols (again no, but I think these are really sweet!)

Lampwork and Tourmaine Earrings

Fingers crossed I am hoping to get more blogging in this month, so my poor abandoned blog should be feeling more loved, so I will see you all very soon!

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