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September AJE component of the month was supplied by the lovely Linda Landig and this time I managed to remember to get a photo first, and even a few work in progress shots!
Linda sent us all these beautiful ceramic oak leaf and acorn pendents in the most amazing colours!

At first I could not decide what to make, so I sat down and did some thing I very rarely ever do and sketched out a few ideas, while there pondering the most charming little robin was sitting adjacent to me singing a beautiful song and he some how found his way into my design!

Then I set to work sawing, stamping, soldering, pickling, polishing and generally having lots of fun.

Then came the hardest part.... I had no beads that went with my design! I know HOW can this be I have LOTS of beads but red is one of the colours I find rather hard to work with and nothing was working for me so I did what all designers do (no I did not buy more beads) I put it down and procrastinated! Then last night as I was considering using cord (dark brown leather cord would have been so lovely but I only had a light tan colour) inspiration hit me! I had all the beads that I needed! They were just in a bracelet that I had made ages ago and stashed in a draw some where! I just needed to find them! And here they are....

Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow Necklace

A wonderful selection of art beads! There is a beautiful little owl by one of my favourite lampwork designers Laura Sparling sitting in a little acorn cap/nest by the fantastic Lesley Watt, a beautiful  flower bead by the marvellous Karen Totten, and stunning oak leaf clasp by the amazing Joanne Tinley Jewellery.

Finished off with a simple handmade copper chain. I'm rather pleased with this one, especially it's little secret robin...

Thanks for visiting, please if you have time check out what every one else has created....

Have a great day!

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