AJE Buried Treasure - the "Use your stash" reveal!

It will come as no surprise that Hoard beads, I buy these wonderful little handmade treasures and then I stash them away (and occasionally I take them out and stroke them).

So joining in with the use your stash hop was a must! Here is (some of) what I am dealing with....

The print tray on the wall is for my larger beads that will not fit into the little draws on my print chest.

Here's an inside view of some of the draws.... lots of lovely treasures!
Now I was hoping to have lots of pieces to show you, I was set to really tackle my stash and use some that I had held on to for a while (maybe as long as 5 plus years). But life got in the way and I only came up with the one piece, but I love it!

I used this AMAZING raven focal by the ever so talented Jenny Davies-Reazor and super cute glass drops by our wonderful Jen Cameron. I absoloutly love the colours Jenny has used in the focal it is just so me, so I made a piece for me!

Here I tinkered a little with the placement of the glass pin (moved it up a little) Ideally I would have loved a black tavernier cut stone set in silver to the side of this focal but I don't have one of those (yet)!

I may well tinker with this one a little but I really like how it turned out, It's very me!

Shot of the back. I do hope you will join me in seeing what everyone else has created....

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