AJE Summertime Challenge

Welcome to my AJE Summertime Challenge post!
Every summer for the last five years my family and I travel down to Cornwall to spend a week or two with my partners dad. We visit all our favourite places and always find new ones! We enjoy fish and chips by the sea, go hunting for sea shells and sea glass and spend lots of time walking around the local artists galleries (I'm not a great fan of laying on a beach doing nothing, due to my bright white complexsion and a three year old that only stops running to sleep and fears NOTHING.... well apart from a haircut)!
So summertime for me is summed up by these few photos....

St Ives 

Rock piles and stony beaches

and of course I have a pile of treasures/memories from all these trips to the beach stashed in my draw....

So I used up some of my hoard in these pieces! Now these are still only works in progress but you get the general idea behind them!

This first piece is a bit of slate from the beach that will be riveted to the silver backing piece via the green set gem. The green in the stone reminded me of the lovely seal photo above so it will be finished off with a little hand sawn seal soldered on to the back or possibly on the side of the necklace?

and the other piece is a little collection of my beach treasures....

There is a mix of Sea glass and beautiful little pebbles all (will be) prong set in silver and finished off with a lovely little handmade chain.

The prongs are all open backed with the centre piece having a little heart soldered into it (I want to experiment with this idea more with more complex shapes inside the backs of the settings). There is still a lot of cleaning up and polishing to go in to this piece but I rather like where it is going!

I hope you will join me in checking out what every one else has created (and keep an eye out for my finished pieces)....

Caroline Denison
Susan Kennedy
Lesley Watt

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