September Theme Challenge Reveal – Fairy

I love fairies! For me they are the epitome of magic, but I really struggled with creating something this month. It was not through lack of ideas, I had a wonderful old lantern that I was going to make into a fairy lantern....

This was a really grubby old find from a charity shop, I washed it up, cut out fairy silhouettes from black paper and stuck them inside the glass but it was not looking right so I had a meltdown and scrubbed it off!
I then had the idea that I would make a fairy themed book, like something from the tv series Grimm, but I could not even decide on a design! 
Or a fairy garden, with a house made the same way as I made those mini bird houses, but No!

See the issue I am struggling with is lack of desire to create, I get like this when ever I am sad, and my oldest has just moved out to go to Uni, which is great for her and an amazing opportunity but I am missing her like crazy and she's not able to come home until christmas which seems like a long time away and it is showing in my lack of creating!

But I decided last minute the best way to get out of this is to just to do it, just make something!
so I headed to the local art shop to see what was inspiring....

And ended up buying some more water colour paints, but these sparkle! I love sparkles, So with these in hand and not a clue what to do I turned to the book Creative Girl by Danielle Donaldson (I also have her The Art of Creative Watercolor but I found this one less intimidating as it is mixed media and I still don't have much of an idea how to work watercolours). 

Inspired by her tutu girl project I came up with this....

While it is not perfect I did learn ALOT from this piece like Daniel Smith Cascade Green is the best colour ever (well that and Schmincke Helio Turquoise), I throughly enjoy mixing up colours and you can not pencil over the shimmer paints as they have a PVC type consistency when dry, but they do look great!

Heres a bad lighting shot so you can see the sparkle in her wings! 
Thank you Caroline for pushing me out of a creative rut, and hopefully I will be able to create some of the other ideas I have had!
Please do join me exploring what the other participants have created....

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