January Theme Challenge - Moon

This months Art Element theme was chosen by the wonderful and crazy talented Lindsay. This post will be short and sweet, I had so many ideas but so little time!

I decided that I wanted to make some earrings so I gathered some supplies and started playing. Never one for the easy route I decided that I wanted prong set herkimer diamonds on my earwigs for a bit of sparkle....

With silver moons, I had planed to use silver sheet with a hammered effect but did not have enough in the right size so I cut up a pair of silver three pence coins instead and then finished them off with a pair of mismatched moonstone nuggets.

 I wish I could catch the sparkle in the diamonds and the blue in the moonstone as they look really ethereal in the sunlight!

This was my attempt at a selfie while wearing them. I have not mastered selfies and have a small child that likes to get in every photo possible!
Thank you Lindsay for such an inspiring theme, I'm still hoping that I manage to make some of my other ideas!
Please join me in seeing what everyone else has created

Art Elements Crew:

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