Copper clay

I tried copper clay for the first time yesterday. I had heard about brass clay, gold clay, copper clay and now glass clay and fancied trying one of them. Copper clay looked to be the easier choice and is much cheeper then silver clay so well worth a try. Heres my first attempt.......

A simple textured disc

First impression....I don't like it! When taken out of the packet it feels like rubber and is quiet hard to shape and even harder to squish back together. Also when I fired it, it cracked. I think this is because its supposed to be kiln fired, but I read some where that you could torch fire it so though I'd give that a go (still outlining my argument for the merits of me getting a kiln, other half still not quiet convinced, YET....)! I did how ever like the fire scale and how it pinged off in the cold water after being fired! Now I'm not going to completely give up on this stuff hey I did not like silver clay the first time I used it (it seemed to dry instantly) and I have another piece left to fire!

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