PDC 2 complete

What a lovely day! The sun was shining the sky was blue and moaning from schooless children was minimal!

Earring challenge complete
Attempt one was a disaster.....

I was making these cute little flower studs from silver clay, spent ages sanding them, fired them and then tumbled them. Then came the fun part soldering! Did not think this through though. I was soldering on some ear posts on the back, but there it all went wrong!
The solder would not stay in place, then posts broke and melted where I heated them too much oppps :( Oh well lesson learnt and I maybe able to save them???!!!
Just as well I made a second pair.....


I enjoyed the chain malle so much and had a few rings left so made these. They are the same pattern as the bracelet (byzantine) with 4mm swarvoski tanzanite bicone beads (such a lovely color).
As the first pair went wrong I also made a very simple yellow swarvoski butterfly set to give to my sister (she needs cheering up as her babies not very well). I love the ear wires as they are a more unusual shape. You can't really see in the photo but they bend down where the butterfly is and then bend up again and the main loop is a circle. 
I must say I'm enjoying taking photos a lot more since reading the instruction book for the camera and finding the macro setting! Just a shame the camera seems to be on the way out, it dose not seem to hold charge if that term even exists.
Ok PDC 3 is photopolymer plate.......

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  1. Love the Byzantine ones. So pretty!

    Laura x


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