M, N, O, P, Q R, and S!

A-Z Challenge (Things I love)

M - My Mother! oh and Money but not so much of the modern every day stuff (tho more of that would be nice) I love the beautiful old coins of long ago that are just plain beautiful to look at, back in the days when coins were made of silver and gold!!!

N - Netsuke, I love anything miniature and these like works of art are just amazing!

O - Owls, I got super excited a couple of weeks ago late at night because there was an owl hooting out side my window!

P - Post! I love getting post, I think it is a hermit thing, but I stalk the posties!

Q - Queen or The Queen...

Because she is amazing!

R - Reading, I do love when a book is so good you just cant put it down, I have just finished reading The Memory Book by Rowan Coleman and I loved it, beautifully written and with a surprising ending! Next up The Hare With Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal.

S - Stationary, any journals, note books, fountain pens, pencils even stickers!

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