The June theme reveal: Selkies – of land and sea

It's that time again, another month has ended (I'm sure the older you get the quicker time seems to go)!
This months Art Elements theme was chosen by the wonderfully talented Jenny Davies-Reazor and was some thing I had never heard of, Selkies! 
I have to say I watched the film - Song of the Sea as Jenny recomended and I fell in love!!! Such a beautiful story with amazing graphics and a beautiful sound track, I was humming the songs for days!!!! 
My first idea was to make a Selkie but I also now have a sketch book full of ideas from the film too!

Unusually I started early this month and I am very thankful for that for I had not realised how much time goes into make an art doll!

It took a lot of trial and error to come up with a pattern for my doll that I was happy with and then I found that you could buy blanc doll forms ready made off Etsy (if I ever make one again, I'm buying pre-made)! 

The doll was painted with acrylic paint and I sewed on some eye lashes and eye brows. Her hair is made from wefts of grey mohair that I put some sparkle strands in. Her top and skirt were made from silk, ribbons and Angelica fibres.

Her Seal coat (made from some very old velvet that I saved from an upholstered bench) has a little seal face on the hood, flippers by her hands and a little tail at the back, with a little goldwork wire stitched in. It's not sewn very well or very neatly but it will do!

I do rather love the cute little seal face!

Thank you so much Jenny for introducing me to the wonderful world of Selkies, I can't wait to see what everyone else has created....


AE team: 


  1. What a charming Selkie girl you created Niky...I love her!

  2. She is wonderful :D

  3. I learned about selkies when I started reading The Outlander books. Your selkie doll is so cute and I do love the seal coat and her handpainted face!

  4. Your selkie doll is sweet and adorable. The seal face on the hood is fabulous and that the little tail detail on the back is perfect.

  5. Your selkie doll is so adorable. The seal hood and tail are additions. Well done!

  6. Oh my gosh - she is fantastic! Love the seal face and the tail at the back.

  7. Love all the details you've incorporated into your selkie doll -very creative! I'm especially fond of the little tail!! Well - done!

  8. She's wonderful Niky! Love the cute little seal face and her tail.

  9. Your work is magnificent Niky! I adore her and her seal coat :)

  10. I am finally able to catch up on my commenting and blog hopping! I adore this little soft sculpture selkie. You did an amazing job with her.


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