September Theme Reveal – Foliage

It's time again for the Art Elements reveal and this months theme, chosen by the amazing Caroline was foliage. I started off this month with out any idea of what I was going to make and then I got inspiration form the life book summit, there was a wonderful lesson by Dar James that shows how to create a beautiful water colour and gesso painting. I did not like the idea of freehand drawing lots of leaves so the neat freak in me made me cut our some templates....

 Then with the help of Dar James I created these.....

Now none of these are finished yet, so lots of works in progress! The green one was my first attempt but I did not like the bold neat lines so I made a couple more attempts, I am thinking I will use the light one and the green to practice on and the bold red one will be for best. Think more detail and the words Hello Autumn in some kind of beautiful lettering!!!!

The little leaf templates ended being used in this piece that I started ages ago from the lesson by Laura Horn, again still not completed but I'm getting there!

I'm defiantly in autumn mode at the moment as I have been photocopying, laminating and cutting out lots of these watercolour leaves to use in our seasonal tree at work, to help our residents with dementia.

Another project I have been working on but have not finished is this little A7 water colour book with goddess focal by the amazing Leslie and matching draw string bag.

The little draw string bag is made from recycled leather from a tobacco pouch and is made to fit this tiny jam jar and mini water colour pallet.

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  1. I'm trying to do the lifebook Summit too (am DAYS behind right now) and did see Dar's lesson. You've executed it beautifully! The way you cut out the leaves in the end is super great! I love that. You make me want to stop what I'm doing and make my own. (But I've got to catch up first!)
    That little art bag is too cute! I love how you were able to get so many adorable little supplies in these. Perfect!

  2. Lovely work, my favourite is the little leather pouch for your brushes, i love the fact it has a little jam jar to fir in it.

  3. How beautiful. I love the watercolor leaves, such wonderful coloring!
    The pouch is so cute and the book lovely.

  4. Love all the different types of leaves you have created. The pouch is so cool, but I really love that water color book!

  5. Love your paintings Niky, but my favourite is the bag, that's so cute and a brilliant reason for hoarding tiny jam jars! Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge x

  6. Your paintings are beautiful, and love your bag, but my fave is the sketch book!

  7. I love everything including the way my cursor is shooting little sparkles! That is so fun, that I find myself waving the cursor over the page and making little designs!

    It's very difficult to choose a favorite, but if I had to, I'd pick the leaves you have cut out for the seasonal tree and the leather bag. The blending of the colors in the leaves is just fantastic; it's so subtle and so effective. The bag is really sweet. The jewelry maker in me sees it being perfect for holding a roll of wire and a couple of tools to entertain myself with while on a car trip or some other sort of outing. Beautifully done!

  8. Gotta love all your little leaf projects, though the first one grabs my eye with all the beautiful colors. Can't wait to see what lettering you'll use. I'm a sucker for Fonts & Hand Lettering .. left over from my graphic designer days I suppose :). Alysen

  9. You have been super busy. Your attention to detail through cutting and painting and laminating and cutting means your heart is in your work, and your work is beautiful and it shows... Chloe was just asking me the other day about taking watercolors with her and I love the idea of the lidded jar and small palette to travel with. Cannot wait to show her your ideas :)

  10. I love all three of your first paintings. Different but all are beautiful. I can definitely see some lovely lettering in the center. I really LOVE the drawstring bag embellished with the leaves & the watercolor book cover.

  11. I love how you are creating such beautiful leaves for your patients. I know you patients and their loved ones will enjoy them. The draw bag is pretty and useful. It will be the perfect gift.

  12. This is great work. Amazing.

  13. Such a fun technique Niky!! I am so moved that you are making them to use with your dementia patients. Wonderful for them to be immersed in your beautiful colors and the care you took to make them.

  14. Your painted pieces are lovely Niky and your residents are very lucky to have you to work with them...but the leather work is something special. I love that my goddess found her way into the book project and that tiny bag an its contents are adorable.

  15. So many cool projects! I love to see how an artist’s mind works, by seeing all the W.I,P.’s on her table! I like the idea of using stencils for a frame for a little saying or quote and the bright watercolor is the perfect choice for your finished work. The leaf stencils were a great addition to the tree project. And thank you for your work with dementia patients, every little personal touch helps.

  16. The watercolors are gorgeous already. I look forward to seeing how you finish them. The small book and pouch for traveling with watercolor supplies are lovely.

  17. Loving what you're doing with the watercolors... they already look pretty amazing to me! I have to say that I'm touched that you are doing all those leaves for the residents with dementia... it's such a cruel disease.

  18. With my parents growing older and beginning to forget a lot, I am starting to think seriously about Alzheimers and Dementia. It is great that you are doing something productive to help heal them.

  19. The tiny items are totally cute, Niky! The watercolors are beautiful, and I love that the leaves will help people with dementia.

  20. Templates, what a neat idea! All my attempts at leaf shapes have been pathetic so far :) The watercolors and beautiful, especially the more organic ones. The laminated leaves sure make a nice decor! And that little pouch is adorable!

  21. Loved seeing your watercolors and that was very clever to laminate them! I'm sure the residents will appreciate that touch of nature. Also enjoyed seeing a peak at your pouch and watercolors. Thanks for sharing and happy autumn!


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